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Project Title

Seung-ni Fit Club Website Design



Seung-ni Fit Club wanted an entire redesign of their former website. This process began with an assessment of their current structure and lead to an entire reorganization and structure-flow, conducted through a site map, before the visual design began. From a marketing perspective, Seung-ni wanted to reiterate the online joining capabilities to enforce new membership and offerings. In conjunction with a push for new membership, they also wanted to maker offerings clear for first-timers or those unfamiliar with the fitness clubs. Because of this, a menu tab for first timers was created and new membership callouts and joining options are consistently displayed throughout the site.

Seung-ni fit club left the design vision to myself, as their main focus was on marketing messages. With full design freedom and exploration, I sought to create a site that was reminiscent of their current brand and a nod to their old site, yet elevating the look in a more organized, clean and modern look or layout. This was achieved by staying true to their brand colors with an emphasis on black and white with pops of green. A bold san-serif font is incorporated to establish hierarchy and create visual interest to the site. Following the boldness of the brand, headlines are incorporated as visual elements of art, such as the class listings or location selector. Fun graphics with angular cuts and organic-shape overlays add to the visual interest and offer a bit of contrast to the rigidity of the modern lines in the site.


My Design Role

I am responsible for various aspects of design in creating the Seung-ni Fit Club site and brand. This includes carefully selected photos, graphic edits/manipulations, and the brand fonts. I created the site by following some of the Seung-ni existing brand standards, including a color scheme and logo. 
The process began with site necessities and wants, transforming into a carefully thought out organization structure and arrangement of content. A site map was then developed to outline flow, followed by detailed mockups with full encompassing visuals, components, assets, and various interactive web states (buttons, hovering, form fields, etc.) for a developer to follow. A developer worked in tandem with the mockups to create a functioning design and backend to my visual layouts.



Web Design, Mobile Design, Visual Design (UI/UX), Prototyping, Graphics & Assets for Web



Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


Seung-ni Fit Club



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