Project Title

Heiden Technology



Heiden technology solutions is a business-to-business computer and tech based company that supports a boast of needs to businesses within the Saginaw area and beyond. A logotype was designed for their new, website hosting division that was being launched; Heiden Hosting. The client wanted something that followed a similar feel to their main logo, while still retaining a unique identity. I chose the same color scheme and a san-serif font to accommodate this desire. By adding a round font, with clean lines, a sense of separate identity was established. The two “H’s” within the icon, flow seamlessly into one another, creating both visual interest and reinforcing the name of the company; “Heiden Hosting.” In addition, for the main division of the company, the client desired social media creation and management. I made sure to create posts reflective of their branded feel with bold catch phrases and intriguing graphics.


Logo creation for Heiden Hosting, executive summary - 21 pages (8.5x11in), social media posts (472x400 pixels)



Logo/Identity, Social Media, Advertising, Publication



Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator



Heiden Technology Solutions & Heiden Hosting