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Rum Doodle Racing



Rum Doodle Racing is a company that assists with triathlon training. Because of this, a main concept behind my branding intent was to create something that was both athletic and presented nature-based inspiration. I developed a color scheme of a bright green, before contrasting that with bold tones of black and gray. The logotype was developed simplistically, to convey a modern and clean look for an athletic company. A sporty font was selected for its rounded features and contrasting angles within the letter-forms. This helped to convey a sense of movement and activity within the logo. Everything in the branding was developed within the selected color scheme to help achieve a level of consistency and professionalism.



Logo creation and color scheme, street advertisement (15.9x23.5in), biking jersey - front and back, t-shirts (2), flyer (8.5x11in), letterhead system: letterhead - double sided (8.5x11in), business cards (2x3.5in), envelopes (front and back) 4.75x 6.5in, website design proposal - 4 pages


Logo/Identity, Web, Signs/Wayfinding, Print, Advertising



Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop

rum jersey.png
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