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Sincerely the Tooth Fairy



Sincerely the Tooth Fairy is a company that offers the ultimate, magical, “tooth fairy experience” for any hopeful child. Offering customized and personal tooth fairy letters for order, a memorable moment can be created for a child. The client for this project was successful in their primary division of personal letters from Santa Clause, but needed to expand on the advertising for their new, tooth fairy division. For this project, I first developed a logotype. I wanted it to be whimsical in color and have a feel that reflects the child-like excitement and fantasy, often associated with the tooth fairy. Because of this, the typeface chosen was a script-like, organic font. I topped off the font with a simple tooth drawing that reiterates the feeling of the font. A website was then designed, conveying this magical feel and to serve as the primary hub for selling letters.



Logo creation and color scheme, postcards - double sided (4x6in), instruction sheet (8.5x11in), website (4 pages)



Logo/Identity, Web, Print, Entrepreneurial Marketing



Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator



North Pole Letters – division extension: “Sincerely the Tooth Fairy”


Shayla did a FANTASTIC job with our graphic design work. She built a whole new theme for our website and took the lead on the overall branding and design. Would HIGHLY recommend using her for any and all your branding and design needs!

-Carter Mazur


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