Project Title

Urban Electric Advertising



Urban Electric is a self-titled series of digitally altered photographs and more importantly, the advertising campaign that was created to help promote this photographic series. Inspired by the French concept Flaneur, or one who wanders the street photographing life as it happens, the feel for my series was captured by the vibrancy of downtown life. Instilling vibrant tones and a neon feel, I hoped to convey the electricity of urban life through digital alteration. Bold and blocky typefaces were used in combination with scripted fonts to help balance the combination between neon and urban settings.



Packaging poster tube, web banners (vertical- 900×2700 pixels, horizontal- 2700×900 pixels, square- 1200x1200), postcard series 4 - double sided (4x6in), poster series 6 (24x36in)



Packaging, Web, Advertising, Posters



Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom


Gold Addy Award 2019

"Best of Show" Addy Award 2019

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