Project Title

Worn Lifestyle Magazine



Worn Magazine is a lifestyle based magazine that covers opinion based topics from any aspect of life; whether it be
fashion, music, nature and more. The concept of the design, was derived from its name, “Worn.” So many natural elements like the incorporation of wood or nature, and earth based tones, were established in combination. The magazine takes on a
vintage or retro flare, incorporating elements typically associated with the past, into a modern time.
For the design of the magazine, I shot all of the photographs myself, stylizing shoots with a retro feel, before deciding to experiment with typography and page layout so that each spread would make a bold statement. To coincide with the fun nature of the magazine, innovative typesetting was established throughout, creating a focal point, as opposed to traditional typesetting.


Magazine – 28-pages (8.5x11in)



Publication, Photography



Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom