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Project Title

Kinetic Typography Video



There were two major focuses for the creation of this project. The first one was a focus on clear and accurate timing. Being that the intent behind the motion graphic was to create a kinetic, typographic video to a song, the timing of the words on the screen, needed to be exact. I chose to design with a clean, black and minimalist background to allow the typography to stand on its own, and pop, as a visual element. Hints of color were strategically placed throughout, to further insinuate importance in certain words. Each motion and manipulation to the individual words were created with a strategic intent, often so that the motion or movement of the word, reflected the literal meaning of the word itself. The second focus of the project was to have a strong design sense and visual hierarchy in the use of the typography on the screen. Event though the project was a lyric video with many moving parts, strong typographic relationships are still important. I aimed to have each word relate to one another and made sure that there were clear areas of focus (more visual weight) so that the type could be treated as a design element and the eye would not be overwhelmed with large masses of type on the screen. In achieving this clean look, simplistic san-seriff fonts were used in varying, visual weights to help add some varying interest to the project.



Lyric Video (3:30 movie clip)



Motion Graphics



Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop

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